Follow us on a journey to a destination of pleasure.

Enjoy a truly interactive, multi-sensorial experience at the SantAnna Restaurant while savoring Mediterranean and international seafood, the finest of organic meats, and a wide variety of innovative, regionally-inspired dishes brought to life by the exceptional kitchen team.

Sushi & Snacks

Elegance, refined simplicity and unforgettable flavors.

Our sushi chefs have unearthed the veiled culinary secrets of the Far East, while incorporating the freshest catch, sourced exclusively from local fishermen, into their ambrosial creations. Drop by and indulge in an ethereal, bite-sized dance of flavors between beach and sea or roll back and take your time, making the most out of the showpieces that our sushi chef creates on demand.


Taste OurWines

Where your Favorite summer memories come to life

Welcome to our wine collection, where quality and craftsmanship are a tradition. Our wines are carefully crafted to provide you with a unique and memorable experience. From our bold and complex reds to our refreshing whites, there is a wine for every occasion. Indulge in the rich, full-bodied flavor of our red wines or savor the crisp finish of our whites. Our wines are perfect for pairing with your favorite dishes or for enjoying on their own. Come and taste the difference in every bottle, and discover why our wines are loved by wine enthusiasts around the world.

Join the Highlights

A place where you belong. Relax on our premium lounges, sunbeds, pools, and private rooms